Care policy


In consultation with the direction and the teachers, we developed a vision for our school on care-wide working.


Care coordinator :        Management, mr Henk Houwen

Primary care teacher :  Mr Nick Vanbecelaere

Care teacher toddler :  Mrs. Caroline Delattre (on Friday only available until 10h30)


Minor degree:
Each class holder is the first-line care teacher within her or his own class. Since the class titular is the key figure within the class (with a limited number of children), we have opted for this policy. The class owner knows her/his children best and quickly sees when to jump in. In addition, the care teacher and the care coordinator can be called upon.

Care policy
Phase 0: Preventive basic care
Homework policy
Phase 1: Increased Care
Phase 2: Extension of care
Phase 3: Transfer to tailor-made school