Parents’ Committee “Hand in Hand”


The parents’ committee held a start-up meeting on 18 June 1991 under the directorship of Jean Vanhoorne.
Year after year, the people of the parents’ committee supported the school, with an emphasis on the well-being of the students. In October 1994, the first cookie sale was organized. Since 1997, the school trips have been partly sponsored by the parents’ committee.
In the year 2000 the first food festival was organized and in 2010 the first breakfast at school.

The growing activities of the parents’ committee led to an increase in financial resources, which also allowed the financial support to the school to increase and this always in consultation with the school board.
For example, there was extra support for the refurbishment of the gnome playground, the weekly fruit campaign, the purchase of sports and game material and very recently the attention and support is mainly towards digitization (e.g. purchase of tablets, digital signs, chromebooks, …).

In 2021, with the realization of the new changing room at the gym, the parents’ committee agreed to finance the required new sofas and coat racks.
The current parents’ committee works under the chairmanship of Dimitri Lucas, and also has 6 members (Wannes Derycke, Sophie Pyck, Joachim Verhaeghe, Francis Soete, Nathalie Spruytte and Déborah Giampietro).
Candidates to be part of the parents’ committee can always report to the chairman or the school board.