When registering, an official document must be presented that confirms the identity and proves the consanguinity (the marriage certificate or birth certificate)
The national register number is also required to register your child with the Department of Education and Training.

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Toddlers can only be registered from the day they are 2 years and 6 months old.
If they are under 3 years old, they cannot come to school until the following boarding dates:

  • The first day of school after the summer holidays
  • The first day of school after the autumn break
  • The first day of school after the Christmas holidays
  • The first day of school of feburari
  • The first day of school after the spring break
  • The first day of school after the Easter holidays
  • The first day of school after Our Lady of the Ascension
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Pre-schoolers are not of compulsory school age.

A child is of compulsory school age in the month of September in which your child turns 6 years old. Then the child is legally obliged to attend classes. Even if it remains in pre-primary education at that age, it is therefore, like any other child of compulsory school age, subject to regular attendance checks.



Spending an extra year in kindergarten, coming early to primary school and staying an eighth year in primary school is only possible in consultation and after advice from the principal and the CLB.

The students are obliged to follow all subjects and components. Due to health reasons, adjustments can be made in consultation with the director. The parents have the right to refrain from medical school supervision (MST), from individual CLB supervision. The refusal must always be in writing. When registering, the director informs the parents of this possibility and, if necessary, hands them the necessary forms.


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